Name:Mary O'Dell  nee Incitti
Date of Birth:1963/05/07
Location:Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Father:Amadio Incitti (1937-2014)
Mother:Giacomina Piroli (1939)
Pictures: Mary O'Dell (mary_at_39.png)
Piano Posse (aunt-mary-1.jpg)
Dean and Mary and the Kids (dean-1.jpg)
Zio Memo visits Canada (memo-1.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Natalino (Andy) Piroli (andy-1.jpg)
Romina and Chris' Wedding (romina-1.jpg)
Emily and Aunt Mary (Emily_and_Mary.JPG)
Maria and Giacomina (maria-3.jpg)
Union:To Dean Alexander O'Dell (1956) on 1987/09/26
Children:Brandon O'Dell (1989)
Tyler O'Dell (1991)
Dylan O'Dell (1993)