Name:Amadio Incitti
Comments:aka Nino
Date of Birth:1937/03/23
Location:Arnara, Frosinone, Italy
Date of Death:2014/05/29
Location:Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
Father:Lino Incitti (1908-1988)
Mother:Teresa Del Brocco (1913-1973)
Pictures: Lino and Teresa's Children (inci-1.jpg)
Nervous Bride (nino-giacomina-1.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Bring on the Presents (xmas-2006-12-17.jpg)
David and Marco and Family (Incittis-August-22.jpg)
Zio Memo visits Canada (memo-1.jpg)
Jackie and Nino on the farm (Jackie_and_Nino.JPG)
Nancy's Baptism (guido-1.jpg)
Max and Grandparents (nino_jackie_max.jpg)
Incitti Family Reunion 1995 (reunion2.jpg)
Nino with his Mom and Pop (lino1.jpg)
Happy Couples in Nona's Livingroom (couples-1.jpg)
Christmas Dinner (fam-x-98.jpg)
Ciao Italia (nino-boat-1.jpg)
Cool Daddy-o (nino-1.jpg)
Who's that little kid? (marco-1.jpg)
Roastin and Toastin (nino-fp.jpg)
Marco and David's Wedding Group Photo (Wedding-Group-All.jpg)
Union:To Giacomina Piroli (1939) on 1962/01/13
Children:Mary Incitti (1963)
Marco Incitti (1967)
Nancy Incitti (1968)
Paolo Nicolino Incitti (1980)