Name:Giovanni Bufalini
Comments:gr-gr-grand father OK, the Bufalini Colonna connection is this. Armelita Paliani married Saverio Bufalini. They had 4 children. Florencia, Melchoir, Michelina, and Argentina (Savina). Florencia married a Pellegrini Melchoir married Annunziata E'Vangeliste Michelina married very late in life, Luigi Montagano (lived with her mother until she was in her 50's, raised my grandmother Elmina) Argentina (Savina is what she was always called) married Italo Colonna. He is from where your family is from. They had 4 boys and a girl that died after the war of menengitis. The boys are around your mothers age. They are: Nunzio, Nino, Giancarlo and Giovanni. The girls name was Giovanna and she died at about ten years old. They never lived in town, they lived on the road before you go up to town near the mill. Armelita Paliani Bufalini left Patrica in 1969 at the age of 93. She lived until 113 with full mind and body (did become deaf during the war under a bombing raid)
Date of Birth:18??
Location:Patrica, Frosinone, Italy
Date of Death:1915
Union:To Marianna ?? (18??-1915) on ????/??/??
Children:Giacindo Bufalini (1874-1930)
(boy) Bufalini (18??)
(boy) Bufalini (18??)
(boy) Bufalini (18??)
(boy) Bufalini (18??)