Name:Paolina Moscato  nee Incitti
Date of Birth:1939/08
Location:Ceccano, Frosinone, Italy
Father:Lino Incitti (1908-1988)
Mother:Teresa Del Brocco (1913-1973)
Pictures: Family Picture (teresa-fam-2.jpg)
Paolina and Lauritana (paolina-1.jpg)
Confirmations and Communion (teresa-fam-1.jpg)
Incitti Family Reunion 1995 (reunion2.jpg)
Cool Daddy-o (nino-1.jpg)
Number 8 out of 10 (antonucio-1.jpg)
Lino and Teresa's Children (inci-1.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Union:To Giulio Moscato (1935-1991) on 1961
Union:To Giacomo ?? on 1999/01
Children:Donatella Moscato (1962)
Loredana Moscato (1966)
Maria Teresa Moscato (1974-2012)