Name:Nancy Bacon  nee Incitti
Date of Birth:1968/05/08
Location:Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Father:Amadio Incitti (1937-2014)
Mother:Giacomina Piroli (1939)
Pictures: Visiting the Pope (nancy-marco-600X600.jpg)
David and Marco and Family (Incittis-August-22.jpg)
4 Generations (nancy-1.jpg)
Nancy and Mark at Dina's Wedding Reception (nancy-2.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Emily and her Mum (Emily_and_Nancy.JPG)
Number 8 out of 10 (antonucio-1.jpg)
The Girls at Anne and Andre's Reception (anne-1.jpg)
Marco and David's Wedding Group Photo (Wedding-Group-All.jpg)
Nancy and Ernie (Nancy_and_Ernie.JPG)
Christmas Dinner (fam-x-98.jpg)
Union:To Mark Bacon (1969) on 1995/06/03
Children:Malcolm Arthur Bacon (1998)
Noah Earl Bacon (2000)
Emily Kate Bacon (2002)