Name:Lino Incitti
Comments:died on Easter morning
Date of Birth:1908/03/30
Location:Ceccano, Frosinone, Italy
Date of Death:1988/04
Location:Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Father:Pietro Incitti (1875-1962)
Mother:Margarita Castellani (1880-1962)
Pictures: Lino Incitti and Domenico Del Brocco (dels-2.jpg)
Who's that little kid? (marco-1.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Nino with his Mom and Pop (lino1.jpg)
Zio Memo visits Canada (memo-1.jpg)
Lino and Valeria (lino-2.jpg)
Union:To Teresa Del Brocco (1913-1973) on ????/??/??
Union:To Valeria ?? (1915-1981) on ????/??/??
Children:Filippo Incitti (1933-1933)
Maria Incitti (1935-2009)
Amadio Incitti (1937-2014)
Paolina Incitti (1939)
Pasquale Incitti (1941-2021)
Cristina Incitti (1943-2021)
Remo Incitti (1945-2009)
Giuseppina Incitti (1949)
Louisa Incitti (1953)