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Players: 217
Machines: 210
Games Played: 15897


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2018-07-14 / 2018-08-11 / 2018-09-15 / 2018-10-13 / 2018-11-17 / 2018-12-01 / ALL
Player Name
A GCirqus Voltaire2018-07-141,838,830
A GEightball Champ2018-11-17236,330
A GGame of Thrones2018-10-135,094,850
A GGodzilla2018-09-1515,187,020
A GGodzilla2018-12-016,079,160
A GGoldeneye2018-11-17203,947,410
A GGrand Lizard2018-08-1148,700
A GHotdoggin2018-09-15131,530
A GIron Maiden2018-07-148,572,890
A GJohnny Mnemonic2018-08-1160,720,860
A GKISS2018-11-175,945,030
A GMedieval Madness2018-10-13720,000
A GMonster Bash2018-07-147,569,240
A GMonster Bash2018-10-133,481,100
A GMustang2018-11-1710,948,910
A GPirates of the Caribbean2018-07-1414,741,890
A GPlayboy (Dataeast)2018-08-11251,110
A GRed & Ted's Road Show2018-10-1365,346,850
A GRescue 9112018-08-1116,983,080
A GRob Zombie's Spookshow International2018-12-01780,700
A GSpace Shuttle2018-09-15264,790
A GStar Wars Limited Edition2018-07-14177,440,380
A GStar Wars Limited Edition2018-10-1317,572,530
A GStars2018-12-0138,890
A GTag Team2018-08-11120,710
A GTaxi2018-11-17101,130
A GTerminator 2:Judgement Day 2018-08-114,128,500
A GThe Addams Family2018-07-1412,301,590
A GThe Addams Family2018-10-137,457,420
A GThe Walking Dead2018-12-011,942,220
A GThe Walking Dead - LE2018-11-175,194,750
A GTiger Rag2018-12-0120,627
A GTrident2018-09-1552,070
A GTRON:LE2018-09-152,363,250
A GWorld Cup Soccer2018-09-15217,211,300
A GWorld Cup Soccer2018-12-0167,251,110