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Machines: 199
Games Played: 14409


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

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Dates: 2018-01-27 / 2018-02-24 / 2018-03-17 / 2018-04-07 / 2018-04-28 / 2018-05-26 / ALL
Player Name
A GACDC (Pro)2018-04-281,931,730
A GAerosmith (Premium)2018-04-282,007,150
A GAttack From Mars2018-03-171,776,542,100
A GAttack From Mars2018-04-28357,937,350
A GCirqus Voltaire2018-01-272,841,680
A GClass of 18122018-02-24786,750
A GCreature From the Black Lagoon 2018-05-267,027,000
A GDemolition Man2018-02-2440,132,130
A GDialed In2018-04-0717,220
A GDoctor Who2018-04-288,330,050
A GEightball Champ2018-04-0782,560
A GEvel Knievel2018-05-2667,530
A GGame of Thrones2018-04-2824,111,470
A GGetaway: High Speed II2018-02-2411,244,800
A GGuardians of the Galaxy2018-04-072,152,160
A GIndiana Jones2018-01-2710,737,660
A GLectronamo 2018-03-1732,770
A GMedieval Madness2018-01-275,151,200
A GMedusa2018-02-24196,420
A GMustang2018-04-0719,420,770
A GRed & Ted's Road Show2018-01-2791,363,230
A GRescue 9112018-02-2428,841,130
A GRescue 9112018-05-2624,421,040
A GStar Wars Limited Edition2018-01-27183,431,340
A GStargate2018-03-1736,183,510
A GTag Team2018-05-26224,140
A GTales of the Arabian Nights2018-04-281,673,180
A GTerminator 2:Judgement Day 2018-05-263,454,450
A GThe Walking Dead2018-05-263,117,710
A GThe Walking Dead - LE2018-04-075,308,870
A GTheatre of Magic2018-01-2763,950,090
A GTrident2018-03-1779,780
A GTRON:LE2018-03-171,778,750
A GWild Fyre2018-02-2468,520
A GWizard Of Oz2018-04-0721,529
A GWorld Cup Soccer2018-03-17100,067,710