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Player Name
AEADemolition Man2015-09-262,478,170,120
ICKDemolition Man2015-09-26754,177,670
SPYDemolition Man2015-09-26588,869,550
EATDemolition Man2015-09-26551,681,320
MDDDemolition Man2015-09-26547,422,050
JULDemolition Man2015-09-26430,780,290
LEMDemolition Man2015-09-26415,617,670
RJWDemolition Man2015-09-26395,470,790
DNADemolition Man2015-09-26370,754,430
RAYDemolition Man2015-09-26345,936,140
MAXDemolition Man2015-09-26317,355,940
BDDemolition Man2015-09-26225,136,570
ICEDemolition Man2015-09-26215,878,320
DEWDemolition Man2015-09-26213,344,310
J BDemolition Man2015-09-26192,988,600
M NDemolition Man2015-09-26189,587,450
CARDemolition Man2015-09-26185,389,580
KSADemolition Man2015-09-26182,605,270
ARCDemolition Man2015-09-26173,102,430
LONDemolition Man2015-09-26157,786,550
D JDemolition Man2015-09-26146,328,570
PORDemolition Man2015-09-26145,827,990
SFVDemolition Man2015-09-26135,560,130
MRWDemolition Man2015-09-26130,027,520
TIMDemolition Man2015-09-26117,000,240
MATDemolition Man2015-09-2661,234,650
DMCDemolition Man2015-09-2660,388,840
BDWDemolition Man2015-09-2650,500,370
TINDemolition Man2015-09-2638,067,300
DONDemolition Man2015-09-2634,489,720
MADDemolition Man2015-09-2633,261,290
MDDMetallica MOP2015-09-26109,810,510
AEAMetallica MOP2015-09-2642,898,410
RJWMetallica MOP2015-09-2632,474,290
LONMetallica MOP2015-09-2620,955,720
LEMMetallica MOP2015-09-2616,788,220
KSAMetallica MOP2015-09-2615,845,180
DNAMetallica MOP2015-09-2612,108,750
JULMetallica MOP2015-09-2610,876,870
D JMetallica MOP2015-09-2610,040,910
DMCMetallica MOP2015-09-268,754,480
MRWMetallica MOP2015-09-268,155,190
ICEMetallica MOP2015-09-267,940,880
DEWMetallica MOP2015-09-266,815,280
DONMetallica MOP2015-09-266,739,360
M NMetallica MOP2015-09-265,519,820
BDMetallica MOP2015-09-265,360,880
J BMetallica MOP2015-09-265,124,990
MAXMetallica MOP2015-09-264,812,700
ARCMetallica MOP2015-09-264,627,200
SFVMetallica MOP2015-09-264,491,320
SPYMetallica MOP2015-09-264,388,230
MADMetallica MOP2015-09-264,140,450
TIMMetallica MOP2015-09-264,094,910
RAYMetallica MOP2015-09-263,652,000
EATMetallica MOP2015-09-263,402,680
CARMetallica MOP2015-09-263,380,600
PORMetallica MOP2015-09-263,154,590
BDWMetallica MOP2015-09-262,999,890
MATMetallica MOP2015-09-262,793,520
TINMetallica MOP2015-09-262,744,720
ICKMetallica MOP2015-09-262,675,140
ICKRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-261,456,712,540
CARRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26475,735,060
MDDRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26425,213,750
RJWRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26375,401,530
ARCRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26341,681,700
LONRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26314,317,400
DONRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26303,634,500
MAXRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26290,909,780
RAYRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26282,216,230
TINRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26251,469,540
PORRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26206,149,420
AEARed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26204,101,610
SPYRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26160,283,930
SFVRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26159,941,190
BDWRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26138,396,750
DNARed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26127,336,270
JULRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26126,316,890
MRWRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26125,246,100
BDRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26124,176,760
D JRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26114,306,780
J BRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26109,949,770
LEMRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-26101,357,500
KSARed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2694,121,180
TIMRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2689,847,120
M NRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2685,774,170
DMCRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2684,389,040
DEWRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2681,489,060
EATRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2653,566,240
ICERed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2629,515,400
MATRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-2625,011,990
MADRed & Ted's Road Show 2015-09-265,723,600
RJWThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-26119,307,530
ICKThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2659,469,000
MAXThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2634,577,050
LEMThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2629,949,570
SFVThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2628,592,910
CARThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2626,374,560
SPYThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2619,849,110
AEAThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2615,730,310
JULThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2615,146,840
DMCThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2613,809,090
ICEThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2611,680,590
KSAThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-2611,510,000
MATThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-268,742,810
LONThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-268,673,070
RAYThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-268,552,200
DEWThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-268,291,860
MRWThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-267,581,050
MADThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-265,728,600
DNAThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-265,328,600
EATThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-262,840,700
BDWThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-262,748,430
D JThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-262,567,100
J BThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-262,187,470
TINThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-261,845,200
MDDThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-261,836,960
TIMThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-261,718,620
BDThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-261,512,870
ARCThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-261,461,120
PORThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-26645,130
DONThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-26631,910
M NThe Simpsons Pinball Party2015-09-26240,570
DMCWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26354,925
LEMWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26338,733
AEAWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26332,298
SFVWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26289,973
MAXWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26197,088
DEWWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26168,024
ICKWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26133,386
ARCWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-26121,746
ICEWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2692,473
MDDWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2685,714
BDWWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2676,677
SPYWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2675,222
RAYWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2672,394
CARWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2672,026
PORWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2659,651
DONWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2657,063
MATWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2652,027
JULWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2649,934
RJWWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2642,941
DNAWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2642,940
M NWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2641,950
MRWWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2633,181
KSAWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2626,833
TINWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2625,503
TIMWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2624,392
D JWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2624,121
MADWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2623,662
LONWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2621,563
EATWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2618,524
J BWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2616,530
BDWizard Of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition2015-09-2613,760