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Player Name
RJWCirqus Voltaire2015-05-30143,201,000
REDCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3085,013,700
ICKCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3048,221,200
MDDCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3037,336,610
J BCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3028,966,316
CARCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3024,309,820
CKHCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3020,336,020
DEWCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3017,213,170
TONCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3016,694,590
AEACirqus Voltaire2015-05-3015,579,090
KSACirqus Voltaire2015-05-3014,028,560
JJWCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3013,322,320
RAYCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3012,889,930
ADMCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3012,552,740
MAXCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3012,480,150
SFVCirqus Voltaire2015-05-3010,518,460
EKJCirqus Voltaire2015-05-309,350,600
D JCirqus Voltaire2015-05-308,775,140
MATCirqus Voltaire2015-05-307,346,390
JULCirqus Voltaire2015-05-306,624,130
TTRCirqus Voltaire2015-05-306,377,950
BDWCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,886,890
LONCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,818,340
NLCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,809,290
LSPCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,314,770
ASFCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,065,900
PORCirqus Voltaire2015-05-305,000,910
BDCirqus Voltaire2015-05-304,690,730
LEMCirqus Voltaire2015-05-304,461,760
JMSCirqus Voltaire2015-05-304,031,830
PATCirqus Voltaire2015-05-303,905,160
TINCirqus Voltaire2015-05-302,877,380
MMJCirqus Voltaire2015-05-302,413,040
DELCirqus Voltaire2015-05-301,290,150
DMCCirqus Voltaire2015-05-301,174,450
LSPMedieval Madness2015-05-3073,482,720
MAXMedieval Madness2015-05-3044,122,170
JULMedieval Madness2015-05-3043,965,550
DEWMedieval Madness2015-05-3041,693,230
SFVMedieval Madness2015-05-3023,933,260
DMCMedieval Madness2015-05-3022,815,560
LEMMedieval Madness2015-05-3019,687,350
PATMedieval Madness2015-05-3019,106,030
JMSMedieval Madness2015-05-3018,660,480
CARMedieval Madness2015-05-3013,890,930
ICKMedieval Madness2015-05-3012,371,030
TTRMedieval Madness2015-05-3012,284,660
MMJMedieval Madness2015-05-3011,868,650
EKJMedieval Madness2015-05-3011,250,560
RAYMedieval Madness2015-05-309,876,600
MDDMedieval Madness2015-05-309,145,780
TONMedieval Madness2015-05-306,995,040
BDWMedieval Madness2015-05-306,027,680
BDMedieval Madness2015-05-305,677,010
MATMedieval Madness2015-05-305,615,710
PORMedieval Madness2015-05-305,089,860
J BMedieval Madness2015-05-305,077,390
AEAMedieval Madness2015-05-304,659,190
ASFMedieval Madness2015-05-304,313,430
TINMedieval Madness2015-05-304,139,240
ADMMedieval Madness2015-05-304,106,600
D JMedieval Madness2015-05-304,031,680
CKHMedieval Madness2015-05-304,006,770
JJWMedieval Madness2015-05-303,853,280
NLMedieval Madness2015-05-303,710,630
RJWMedieval Madness2015-05-303,622,760
LONMedieval Madness2015-05-303,211,110
REDMedieval Madness2015-05-301,870,260
KSAMedieval Madness2015-05-301,600,400
DELMedieval Madness2015-05-301,420,620
RAYRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30687,660,640
AEARed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30612,793,080
MAXRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30566,562,050
RJWRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30510,799,650
JMSRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30381,592,550
MMJRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30299,081,270
JJWRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30268,878,400
DEWRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30211,824,030
CKHRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30181,539,590
TONRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30161,356,110
REDRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30151,987,300
ICKRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30151,972,670
JULRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30145,601,020
DELRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30144,113,870
MATRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30141,094,360
BDRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30141,093,870
J BRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30136,274,600
EKJRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30134,591,300
LONRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30112,232,610
LEMRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30110,588,790
TTRRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-30108,049,040
CARRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3099,555,710
PATRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3095,559,340
ASFRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3090,793,740
SFVRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3086,549,250
KSARed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3085,390,820
D JRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3084,740,970
TINRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3082,837,330
NLRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3082,690,340
MDDRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3081,954,660
ADMRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3057,644,260
BDWRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3052,824,050
LSPRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3048,055,480
PORRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3040,454,360
DMCRed & Ted's Road Show2015-05-3033,722,860
RJWTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3022,114,840
PATTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3019,295,410
MDDTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3017,223,270
JMSTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3014,577,430
CKHTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3013,698,950
ICKTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3012,993,490
D JTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-3010,815,890
DMCTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-309,808,300
KSATales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-309,203,350
REDTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-307,775,230
BDTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-307,669,140
CARTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-307,581,660
MATTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-307,316,160
AEATales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-305,701,530
RAYTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-305,185,430
ASFTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-304,862,060
MMJTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-304,505,470
ADMTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-304,257,180
J BTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-304,185,360
TINTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-303,723,810
JULTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-303,578,820
BDWTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-303,302,400
MAXTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-303,144,290
LONTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-302,966,250
SFVTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-302,804,110
JJWTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-301,989,390
NLTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-301,304,710
DELTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-301,132,550
EKJTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-301,073,760
TTRTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30767,280
DEWTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30600,550
LEMTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30454,880
PORTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30347,400
LSPTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30298,610
TONTales of the Arabian Nights2015-05-30185,700
DEWTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-30121,441,260
RJWTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3084,009,110
MATTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3038,633,450
KSATerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3035,608,970
REDTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3034,880,200
CKHTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3033,744,680
CARTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3029,829,400
TTRTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3026,761,210
ADMTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3022,945,580
MMJTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3022,760,320
LEMTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3021,519,540
LSPTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3021,511,850
LONTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3020,481,080
DMCTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3020,168,150
ICKTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3019,655,440
AEATerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3018,712,810
NLTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3017,762,820
TONTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3017,453,820
PATTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3017,392,000
RAYTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3017,191,370
JMSTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3017,004,000
J BTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3016,410,380
JULTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3015,257,490
ASFTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3015,017,720
DELTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3014,974,950
MAXTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3014,409,460
EKJTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3013,350,330
SFVTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3012,927,720
MDDTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-3012,024,710
BDWTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-308,954,880
D JTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-307,867,010
JJWTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-306,673,090
TINTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-305,855,630
PORTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-305,809,800
BDTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2015-05-304,212,870
REDTheatre of Magic2015-05-301,637,791,150
MDDTheatre of Magic2015-05-301,115,280,040
AEATheatre of Magic2015-05-30805,177,790
ICKTheatre of Magic2015-05-30681,086,300
MAXTheatre of Magic2015-05-30632,858,300
DEWTheatre of Magic2015-05-30576,336,460
KSATheatre of Magic2015-05-30472,509,580
LEMTheatre of Magic2015-05-30432,413,330
RAYTheatre of Magic2015-05-30432,324,630
ADMTheatre of Magic2015-05-30411,650,230
LONTheatre of Magic2015-05-30398,492,570
J BTheatre of Magic2015-05-30390,038,720
CKHTheatre of Magic2015-05-30385,729,740
RJWTheatre of Magic2015-05-30374,000,140
EKJTheatre of Magic2015-05-30354,050,090
JMSTheatre of Magic2015-05-30342,302,900
SFVTheatre of Magic2015-05-30331,250,420
ASFTheatre of Magic2015-05-30288,640,920
TONTheatre of Magic2015-05-30270,948,970
CARTheatre of Magic2015-05-30261,400,140
BDWTheatre of Magic2015-05-30241,900,120
JJWTheatre of Magic2015-05-30181,953,980
MMJTheatre of Magic2015-05-30145,600,100
DMCTheatre of Magic2015-05-30141,650,110
PORTheatre of Magic2015-05-30119,713,230
TTRTheatre of Magic2015-05-30119,596,320
NLTheatre of Magic2015-05-30112,300,040
MATTheatre of Magic2015-05-30111,732,260
BDTheatre of Magic2015-05-3080,750,130
LSPTheatre of Magic2015-05-3071,071,860
DELTheatre of Magic2015-05-3038,050,070
D JTheatre of Magic2015-05-3034,150,110
JULTheatre of Magic2015-05-3030,521,870
TINTheatre of Magic2015-05-308,218,600