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Registered Users: 165
Players: 217
Machines: 208
Games Played: 15423


Bandwidth doesn't pay for itself.
Pinball is fun.

Percentage Scoring

Your scores from each league night will be entered into the database.
Based on your placement against all players who played that machine that night you will be awarded a percentage score.

For each machine:
( (Number_of_players + 1) - (Your_position) ) / (Number_of_players) X 100

On a night with 40 players you get 3rd best score on game A.
Your points would be ((40+1)-3)/40 X 100 = 38/40 = 95%
1st gets 100%, 2nd gets 97.5%, last place gets 2.5%

We then average out the totals for all machines that night.

You must attend at least 4 league nights to qualify for playoffs.
Your ranking scores from your best 8 nights determine your standings.