Name:Remo Incitti
Date of Birth:1945/01/06
Location:Patrica, Frosinone, Italy
Date of Death:2009/02/27
Location:Windsor, Ontario
Father:Lino Incitti (1908-1988)
Mother:Teresa Del Brocco (1913-1973)
Pictures: Lino and Teresa's Children (inci-1.jpg)
Incitti Family Reunion 1995 (reunion2.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Family Picture (teresa-fam-2.jpg)
Mario Incitti and Some Nephews (mario-etal-600X500.jpg)
Confirmations and Communion (teresa-fam-1.jpg)
Union:To Lucia Perrotta (1954) on ????/??/??
Union:To Jeanette Simone (1952) on ????/??/??
Children:Eddie Incitti (1974)
Cynthia Marie Incitti (1977-2022)