Name:Marco Incitti
Comments:aka MarkInc
Date of Birth:1967/04/23
Location:Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Father:Amadio Incitti (1937-2014)
Mother:Giacomina Piroli (1939)
Pictures: Marco and David's Wedding Group Photo (Wedding-Group-All.jpg)
Marco and David (david-marco-800X500.jpg)
Family reunion on the steps - Gary and Louisa (gary-louise-1.jpg)
Romina and Chris' Wedding (romina-1.jpg)
Marco and David (Wedding-Mark-David.jpg)
Bert and Ernie make an appearance (Ernie_and_Bert.JPG)
Visiting the Pope (nancy-marco-600X600.jpg)
Mavis - el Diablo (mavis-500X300.jpg)
David and Marco and Family (Incittis-August-22.jpg)
Who's that little kid? (marco-1.jpg)
When I had hair... (marco-400X640.jpg)
Nancy's Baptism (guido-1.jpg)
Emma Bufalini and Guests (emma-1.jpg)
Nancy and Ernie (Nancy_and_Ernie.JPG)
Union:To David John McCord (1973) on 2004/08/22