Here are a few of my programs... Last updated August 2, 2011

If you wish to view the code, you should download the BlitzBasic/BlitzMax demos available at

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Snapshot Download Size Description
Coming soon? to iOS
---WIP (2011) - Triangle mining, building and destroying.
Available for download. Pay what you want.
---Another dual-stick shooter. The more colourful sister of Grid Wars. Released March 10, 2008 (Also available on XBOX Indie games)
Updated April 17, 2008
Tempest 3.1 - Now with 7 level sets. That's over 100 levels! Built in level editor - You can create your own levels and send them to me to include in the next version.
Tempest 3.1 - source code included (BlitzMax)
550 K Tempest - BlitzMax code sample
Version 2.1 (2008/04/07)
Version 3.1 (2008/04/17)
- at AZA Creations
5 M Polarity+ Sensory Overload
360 shooter. Version 1.0 (2006/09/01)
Note: This is timed demo.
It can be unlocked by purchasing.
Music Trivia Game. More details coming soon.
Save The World: From Ugly Green Things!
More vector shooty goodness - coming some time.
Marble Insanity
- Worklog and Screen shots
Currently porting to BMax (Q2 2006) Update: On hold (2008)
---aka Marble Madness
Version .91 (2004/02/26)
Othello/Reversi 500 K
Version 0.99 (2004/07/02)
Sorry folks... I've had to remove the link to the download.
Email from BizarreCreations:
"We're beginning to feel the effects of
the Geometry Wars clones on our sales via
Microsoft now and are beginning a process to
begin to more robustly protect our copyright
and intellectual property.
Therefore, I'd like to ask you in an amicable
fashion to stop infringing our IP and pull
the game 'Grid Wars' from the internet for download.
I hope you understand and are able to do this
without us having to take further steps."
n/a August 8, 2006
Attack From Mars 1.1 M A block swapping Game ala Bejewelled.
Version 1.23 (2003/08/11)
DeBlitzer 660 K aka Defender
Version 1.1 (2001/5/29)
Note: This is a standalone version.
It does not require Blitz to run.
Blitzatron 550 K aka Robotron
Version 1.7 (2008/1/8)
Note: This is a standalone version.
It does not require BlitzMax to run.
Contact me for source code.
Blitzum - source code included BB3D/BlitzMax (PC version)
Blitzum - source code included BlitzMax (Mac version)
400 K aka Quantum
Version 1.3/2.0 (2006/04/06)
- source code included BB3D
550 K (2-4 net players)
Version 1.1 (2001/06/12)
Ms Blitzman
- source code included BB3D
1.2 MB aka Ms Pacman
Version 1.31 (2004/03/03)
Monsters ---aka Gauntlet
Version 0.2 (2001/5/30)
On Hold

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